Tinnitus Surgery Information – Learn More About This Medical Condition

For those who have suffered from ear ringing for a very long time, the answer is surgery. Tinnitus surgery has helped thousands of people find relief from the pain and discomfort they experience by repairing or removing the cause of the Tinnitus. The most common operation performed is Hysteroscopy. During this procedure, the doctor inserts a camera into the ear and film the affected area. He then inserts a tiny device that causes the ringing sound to stop. Other minor procedures that help include clipping the eardrums or removing wax build-ups.

Tinnitus Surgery

Tinnitus Surgery is the process of getting rid of your ringing ears. If you have tried all of the natural treatments and still having this problem then it may be time to consider a trip or two to the doctor to see what they think the cause of your Tinnitus is. They will do a physical examination to check for abnormalities, and a series of tests to rule out any serious health issues. It is very likely that your Tinnitus is actually just part of the problem.

Tinnitus surgery will be performed to either remove the Tinnitus or to repair it. The types of Tinnitus surgery include Hysterotomy, Rhinectomy, Pinotage, Vascular Acoustic Epilation (VAE), and Otoplasty. The surgery will determine the severity of your condition. They can remove your entire ear or just parts of it. The portion of the ear where the ringing is most severe called the middle ear. This is where the surgery will either repair or attempt to prevent further damage to the ear.

Tinnitus Surgery

Reasons For Tinnitus Surgery

Tinnitus surgery performed for many different reasons. The first reason that Tinnitus Surgery frequently performed is to treat the actual noise that heard. A surgeon will remove some of the wax or other substance that is blocking the auditory nerves and causing the noise. After the surgeon removes this blockage of the auditory nerve exposed. Once this is done surgery performed to restore hearing to normal. Sometimes the damage is so severe that the normal operation cannot take place and Tinnitus Surgery is the only option.

1.Fluid building up in the ear

Another reason for Tinnitus Surgery is because people who suffer from the problem also experience pain in the ear area. This usually caused by the fluid building up in the ear. Usually, an anesthetic is used. This stops the sensation of pain in the ear. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for surgery. And it performed very cautiously in order to make sure that there no problems caused by anesthesia or pre-surgical infections.

2.Remove extra skin from the ear

One type of surgery that may be performed is to remove extra skin from the ear. This can do because the ear can become very swollen after a person has exposed to loud noises for a long period of time. This extra skin can then be stuffed back into the ear so that there is no additional room for the extra fluid build-up. People often wear earplugs during activities that require them to be near a fan or stereo. Tinnitus can also occur when the ear has a fluid buildup in it.

Some people experience Tinnitus throughout their lives. While others may only experience it in certain situations. For example, some people experience Tinnitus in situations where they are working in a noisy environment. They may experience the ringing when the fans or white noise in the background are running. While for other people Tinnitus is only experienced when the volume turned up to full strength.

Does Tinnitus Surgery Guarantee Success

Tinnitus surgery does not guarantee success. The problem will continue to exist as long as the Tinnitus keeps returning. It is possible that the Tinnitus will only disappear when the individual no longer hears the problem sounds coming from their ears. Most doctors will give their patients a variety of treatments to help with the Tinnitus problem. These range from simple lifestyle changes to medications and surgery. For many Tinnitus sufferers, the cure will found with a combination of treatments.


Tinnitus surgery should only performed by very qualified doctors. There are many people who have Tinnitus that do not even realize that they have it. When they go to their doctor they told to expect a noise but what they actually hear is not a noise at all, it is in fact their own Tinnitus. This is why you need to make sure that the doctor that you choose to perform the surgery is experienced in treating Tinnitus. After all, this will be your hearing that is being repaired. So if you can’t have it repaired properly then why are you having the surgery?


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